Audition Process

Audition Day

The audition will take anywhere from a half hour to three hours depending on the complexity of the show and number of auditioners present. Choose an audition song that best shows off your voice and acting abilities. If it is your first audition, any song will do, and many first-time auditioners sing tunes like "Happy Birthday" or "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." More experienced auditioners should choose a song that is similar in style and time period to the show they are auditioning for. For instance, if the show you are auditioning for was written in the 1990s, choose a contemporary musical theatre song to audition with. Those auditioning should bring an accompaniment on a mobile device to sing with. You may also sing acapella if needed.
Make sure you have the applicable paperwork filled out available on our Auditions Page prior to checking in for your audition. At the audition time, Auditioners will check in at the registration table, turn in their paperwork, make payment (if you haven't done so already), and get a number. We generally audition in order of the numbers given out, but exceptions are made.

Auditioners are taken to a holding area in groups and then are auditioned one at a time in front of the Production Staff. We believe in offering a positive audition experience for everyone, so please be assured that this process is a self-esteem builder! When they are done singing their prepared piece, the director will give them a slip of paper that explains what is next (i.e "Come to the Dance Call tomorrow," "Come to the Callback and Dance Call tomorrow").

New procedure after auditions (Starting Fall 2024):

Once you finish auditioning, you will exit the auditorium and no longer receive a slip saying what time to arrive the following day. Instead, please look for an email from the Production Stage Manager with details indicating your arrival time the following day, as well as any additional information. Dismissal times will vary. Thank you!

The Dance Call (All auditioners attend)

Performers will learn a short dance combination in the style of the show and they will perform it in small groups for the Choreographer. This is meant to be a fun way to showcase the auditioners dance abilities, so perform your heart out and don't worry about mastering all all of the steps.


The Director may ask specific auditioners to come to a Callback to read or sing from the script for specific roles. Not every auditioner will receive a Callback, but every youth auditioner is cast and every performer will have a moment to shine!

The Cast List and Parent Meeting

The Cast List will be emailed by the Show Coordinator a few days after the audition process. Please do not email any MTA Representative for information regarding casting.

There will be a mandatory parent meeting where Production Staff Members will review the Parent Letter and Policies with you prior to the first rehearsal. It will last approximately 20 minutes.

We are looking forward to a wonderful show experience with you!


Scholarships are available for participants who might otherwise not be able to participate. Click here for more information.